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Technology Staffing Services
 Contingency Search, Recruitment, and Placement. This is IntraTech's core service. When you encounter a need, and desire to identify the very best person for the position, a call to IntraTech assures this end. We will meet with you to develop a strategy that promises to identify and secure the best candidate for your firm. We will continue working for you, no matter the timing or level of effort required, until the position is filled to your satisfaction.

 Retained Search This service is recommended to when a position is strategic to your organization. Typically this is senior level management, but can be other high visibility positions that require additional effort and attention to detail.

 Consulting / Contract Programming IntraTech's services in this area are focused on Microcomputer Networks, Client Server based applications design and development, and Management level Information Technology Planning and Consulting. Other MIS and computing technologies are supported on an as-required basis.

 Confidental Off-Premises Interviewing Facilities When the nature of the requirement is highly sensitive, or minimal exposure is appropriate, our facilities are configured to provide the highest level of professional representation for your firm.

 National Coverage IntraTech Resource Group, Inc. is closely affiliated with 55 offices of other professional search and placement organizations throughout the USA. All contact is coordinated through our local office.

 Confidentiality - Exclusivity IntraTech is not affiliated with any other local recruitment organization. Your firm's requirements are treated as the confidential property of IntraTech.

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