Press Release

IntraTech a Leader in Technology and Recruiting

The atmosphere in technology focused companies has always been fast, furious and competitive. It is an industry where "survival of the fittest" is a simple fact of life.

The senior management staff of IntraTech Resource Group, Inc. understand this fact, and have been actively engaged in recruitment and search services for most of Houston’s industry leaders since 1976.

The professional staff at IntraTech has a very strong background in information Technology, Financial, and Accounting, Software, Energy and Manufacturing industry sectors. IntraTech utilizes the latest in technology and methods to constantly research and make available pertinent industry talent to Houston’s employers. A commitment to Integrity and Ethical Conduct, coupled with an unrivaled team of highly skilled professional staff supported with the best resources, puts IntraTech in a leading position in this service industry.

IntraTech’s technical depth is complemented and enhanced by the nature of the Houston Information Technology marketplace. Houston’s IT installed base has diversified rapidly in the last few years, and has resulted in the recruiting staff at IntraTech being asked to provide scarce and difficult to locate professionals experienced in the latest technology. This activity has resulted in IntraTech’s having significant resources and contacts in a wide range of professional skill sets, covering most of Houston’s mainstream businesses. The contact base of qualified candidates is significant, and has been selectively built with the best talent available from the local market.

In the event that highly qualified local talent cannot be readily identified, IntraTech ReSource Group, Inc. is very closely associated with an International Recruiting Network of 61 offices throughout North America. All of these offices are staffed with professionals having a very similar profile with that of IntraTech. These additional ReSource offices can be involved in the search and recruitment process at any time, virtually assuring employers of expedient success for even the most difficult to find professional talent. In addition to direct sourcing of candidates, IntraTech, and the ReSource Network, invest heavily in recruitment advertising, in both local and national media targeted specifically at the Technology Professional marketplace. This combination or recruiting expertise coupled with highly visible and professional advertising, is extremely effective in location and securing even the most uncommon of technical skills for IntraTech’s clients.

IntraTech’s commitment to Quality is highlighted by the thoroughness with which each candidate’s background is investigated. Verifiable credentials are confirmed prior to the referral of a candidate to an IntraTech client. This confirmation is required prior to IntraTech initializing services for any and all professionals represented by IntraTech. The technology infrastructure in place at IntraTech puts the confirmation of these credentials on-line for immediate retrieval. Reference checking, an in-depth and substantial probing into the candidate’s background, is frequently performed. This goes far beyond the simple verification of employment, and examines the candidate’s ability to perform, as well as their ability to communicate and interface with their peers and co-workers. Everything at IntraTech, including the physical facilities, is structured to enhance and elicit comprehensive knowledge of the professionals referred to our clients.

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